Seminar for Language and Culture - About us

We offer courses for those whose daily work requires them to cross linguistic and cultural boundaries, whether at home or abroad.
These courses are mostly taught during the summer months. The language of instruction is German. In addition, ssk offers a few courses taught in English, such as Principles of Language Survey and Advanced Grammar. These courses are components of SIL’s more advanced course offerings (see below).

The courses are designed for:

Our expertise lies in:

Training and networking

ssk is part of SIL International’s worldwide training programme. 

The basic courses offered at ssk lay the foundation for advanced study at other training centres recognized by SIL International, such as the School of Language and Scripture (SLS) at Moorlands College in the UK. The advanced courses prepare students to work in the field of language development and can be taken as part of an MA programme. Subjects offered include community engagement, linguistic analysis, literacy and Scripture engagement.