Advanced Grammar Course


Monday, 25. August 2025


Saturday, 20. September 2025

The advanced grammar course is part of the required training for SIL field linguists. It offers more in-depth attention on topics taught during the entry level courses in Morphology and Syntax, but it also introduces a model or theory of Grammar. Although there is emphasis on one model, which will be introduced in more depth, there will also be some exposition to strengths and weaknesses of some other models/theories. The goal of the course is to develop in the student the ability to analyze grammar with respect to a single unified theory, understand the ways that theory affects the interpretation of the data and write clearly and professionally on topics of grammar.

By the end of the course the students will be able to

  • explain the foundational assumptions and basic architecture of a particular model or theory of grammar
  • read the literature within this model or theory with strong comprehension
  • describe and analyze data from a given language within the framework of a particular model or theory of grammar
  • evaluate argumentation in writing on syntax and typology with respect to quality, clarity, logic, strength and validity
  • write a paper on a grammatical topic or one aspect of the grammar of a language suitable for presentation at a local linguistics conference, utilizing appropriate professional style
  • constructively comment on peer papers on grammatical topics
  • read syntactic literature in other models or theories with basic understanding of the main points and arguments
  • describe the strengths and weaknesses of several models and theories of syntax, including the particular one most studied
  • describe and compare the basic presuppositions and architecture of several models and theories of syntax
  • explain the difference between formal and functional theories of grammar, citing strengths and weaknesses of each
  • describe the typology of a language and make predictions about grammatical behaviors in that language based on limited data
  • express and explain morphological and syntactic principles and concepts to a non-specialist, introducing and explaining aspects of theory where appropriate
  • appreciation for the contributions made to our overall understanding of grammar made by different theories
  • humility and perspective in evaluating one’s own theory or model
  • respect for individuals who hold differing views about grammar

Introductory courses in morphology and syntax, as well as field methods. It is advisable to already have some field/project experience and to bring some language data to work on during the course.

Dr. Karin Zeibig and team (additional staff will be facilitating some of the sessions)

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Tuition fees

Tuition fees: 400,- €

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